Zyrka provides support for the entire OpenText Qfiniti workforce optimization (WFO) solution, as well as Open Text Explore advanced Voice of Customer (VoC), speech, and multichannel analytics.

Zyrka will work with you on your Qfiniti projects such as installs, upgrades, expansions, consolidation, or simply a knowledge transfer.

Zyrka has over 10+ years of experience working with Qfiniti and providing support to our customers.  Zyrka will tailor the Qfiniti support package to your business and your needs.   We offer 24/7 support and are always available.

The OpenText workforce optimization solution offers a unified, centrally managed platform for cross-channel interaction analysis, with real-time agent support and contact center performance management capabilities.

Create a next-generation contact center with the OpenText Qfiniti fully integrated WFO products:

  •  Qfiniti Observe supports fulltime interaction recording for quality and compliance
  •  Qfiniti ICE enables intelligent masking and muting with metadata attached
  •  Qfiniti Workforce simplifies agent scheduling and forecasting
  •  Qfiniti Optimize provides robust desktop analytics and real-time agent guidance
  •  Qfiniti Advise   streamlines agent evaluation and performance analysis
  •  Qfiniti AutoScore automates customer interaction scoring and analysis
  •  Qfiniti Survey delivers customer satisfaction surveys that are integrated contextually with the customer interaction and the agent scorecard
  •  Qfiniti Expert simplifies the assignment of contextual coaching and online training


Qfiniti Video: