Our company got its start when the owner took over IT management for Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst back in 2004. In its 13 years in business, Zyrka has dominated the market with its comprehensive understanding of the particular needs of Private Equity Groups.

Whether you’re a small startup fund needing a professional IT infrastructure on a budget that will impress any investor, or you are an already established firm ramping up for another fund-raise and have a current group who doesn’t understand the particular needs of Private Equity Groups; Zyrka is here to help with:

  • Technology guidance for Registered Investment Advisors:
    • Disaster Recovery Policy and Procedure Testing/Auditing/Documentation
    • Cybersecurity Policy and Procedure Testing/Auditing/Documentation/Training
    • Cybersecurity Event Auditing and Risk Remediation Services
    • Data Loss Prevention and Data Recovery Services
    • Electronic Communications Archiving
  • Technology Due Diligence
    • Buy-Side Technology Evaluation Services
    • Sell-Side Technology Clean Up Services
    • Merging Networks, ERP, and Accounting Systems
  • World Class 24/7 Concierge IT Support Services
  • Fractional CTO Services
  • Cloud Services
  • AV Support
  • Partner Residential Support



Your time is too valuable to be chasing after technology vendors who are not accountable or responsible, Zyrka will manage your technology related vendor relationships and cut through all the finger-pointing for you. Zyrka will be your “one throat to choke.”